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Courtney, Charlotte NC

“My natural hair makes me feel like a goddess. It is beauty that compliments my beautiful heart. Wearing my hair in natural styles says that I am confident in my own skin.”

- Courtney, Charlotte NC

Almicia, Washington DC

“Wearing my natural hair makes me feel powerful. People treat you different when you walk around with your natural hair. I don't know what it is, what kind of vibes curly hair gives, but I'm here for it.”

- Almicia, Washington DC

Asia, Chicago IL

“Wearing my natural hair makes me feel empowered!”

- Asia, Chicago IL

Alexis, Los Angeles CA

“Wearing my natural hair makes me feel LIBERATED! My natural hair shows that I am willing to be unapologetically ME!”

- Alexis, Los Angeles CA

Tatyana, Atlanta GA

“Wearing my natural hair tells the world that I am fearless and free!”

- Tatyana, Atlanta GA

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