Hot Water Braid Dipper Jar – Small


Experience convenience and comfort with our Braid Dipper Bucket. Made from durable plastic, it features a reinforced, ergonomic handle for a secure grip and a contoured edge for easy dipping. Ideal for professionals and at-home use, it’s perfect for achieving flawless braids.

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Experience the ultimate in convenience and comfort with our Braid Dipper Bucket. Crafted from durable plastic, this essential hair care tool is designed to make dipping braids effortless. Featuring a reinforced, ergonomic handle, our bucket ensures a secure and comfortable grip, reducing strain during use. The contoured edge adds an extra layer of comfort, making it easier to dip and manage braids without hassle. Perfect for professional stylists and at-home enthusiasts alike, our Braid Dipper Bucket is your go-to solution for achieving perfectly dipped braids every time.


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